MUSEUM GOES WILD - Europe's first digital hiking path

1 nature area. 10 stations. 100 Minutes: One hiking path, which, by means of its own APP, tells you interesting facts and re-creates the finds in the archive of the Tyrolean Landesmuseen - entertaining and diverting at the same time!

In collaboration with the Tyrolean Museum, the Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn take you up into the Wildalm Alpine area in a fun and educational way. Starting from the top station of the Lärchfilzkogel and equipped with a smart phone and the special app, you can shed light on various different grasses, shrubs, and animals at 10 stations. You will learn interesting and surprising facts about flora, fauna and geology around the Wildseeloder, for example how a whole mountain range can travel, how cloning works in nature, why plants can be real traitors and much more. The fun for the whole family - with funny, interesting stories and informative short films.

The following stations await you at "Museum goes Wild":

1. The journey of a mountain
2. Cloning like savages
3. Marvelous nature duos
4. Indicator plants - nature's snitches
5. The flying gravel pit
6. Which flower is hiding in the schnapps?
7. The woozy killer beetle!
8. So beautifully poisonous!
9. Terrible Schuhplattler
10. Ghost moths & group sex





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