Timoks Winter Coaster

“Let’s coast” – has been our new motto since summer 2010 at the Timoks Coaster. The attraction both in summer and winter at the Streuböden middle station: the Timoks Coaster takes you downhill very fast but safe and comfortably up again. You choose your own speed. Watch out for the trappy “Kaiserquelle” , the “Riesenschlange” (“big snake”) and the “360°-carousel”.

NEW winter 2017/18: The use of Timok's Coaster is included in the valid ski pass!

Length: 1,160 m

Difference in elevation: 115 m

Time: 7 min.

Maximum point: 9 m above ground

Open in Winter daily from 12:00 to 16:00 (Changes can occure due to bad weather conditions, information at the cash desk Fieberbrunn)



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