For all climbing freaks: Panorama rope course "HIMMEL & HENNE" and NEW: Via Ferrata MAROKKA

For all of you, who wants to explore Fieberbrunn from a bird's eye view, there are two Via Ferratas in five different levels of difficulty and a sporty climbing tour available.

There is a risk of going on a fixed rope route. In case of insufficient preparation, defective equipment or incorrect behavior, there is a risk of falling! We therefore ask you to observe the 10 safety recommendations of the Alpenverein when you visit the climbing routes:

10 Recommendations of the Alpine Association

1. Careful planning!
Planning is the key to safe and enjoyable tours. Find out exactly about the difficulty and length, the approach and descent, the weather and the conditions.

2. Adapt the goal to the personal requirements!
A too high chosen difficulty can reduce the experience and can lead to dangerous situations.

3. Use complete, standard equipment!
Climbing harness, climbing set and helmet: Only the consistent and correct use of the equipment allows a secure climbing of climbing routes. For emergencies, the first aid kit and the mobile phone (Euro emergency call 112) are included.
Please consider, that a bike helmet is no adequate protection.

4. Do not get in danger of thunder!
Lightning is a danger to life. Rain, wetness and cold increase the risk of falling.

5. Critically inspect the wire rope and the anchors!
Rockfall, snow pressure, frost cracking or corrosion can cause damage to the steaming layer. Do not climb into a closed fixed rope route.

6. Partnercheck at the entrance!
Control each other: belt lock, connection of climbing set with climbing harness, helmet.

7. Observe adequate distances!
Only one person may be traveling between two fixed points.

8. Clear agreement when overtaking!
Communication and consideration prevent dangerous situations during overtaking maneuvers or oncoming traffic.

9. Watch out!
Careful climbing prevents chipping.

10. Respect Nature and the Environment!
Travel by public transport or by car. Avoid rubbish and noise.

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